For The Love Of Trent


If I had my own Reality show it would be called For The Love Of Trent. The theme song for the show would be Plies Rich Folk because the show will be in a 15 bedroom, 50 thousand square foot  mansion. Which means the 20 women, vying for my love, will be living in the lap of luxury. On the show some of the challenges will feature a hair braiding contest because I need my hair done, cooking a meal because I need a girl who can cook, and lastly meeting  the parents because it is so important to meet your future girlfriend’s people. At the end of the show one of the 20 girls will be chosen to be my girl. After the show the girl I picked will be asked to come be with me in the real world without cameras and 19 other woman for a chance to see how far it goes. 

Trenton Arnold


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