He Just Wants To Be Happy;Don’t We All

Off that one move A.I. got his fame

Off that one move A.I. got his fame

Remember when A.I. crossed Mike out his sneakers it seemed way worse because we didn’t think Mike had a weakness. Off that one move A.I. got his fame but we forgot Mike had 35 and still one that game. If you have no clue what I’m talking about you need to go play in traffic with a blindfold on. That is how we all came to know and love the quickness, excitement, and speed of Allen Iverson a.k.a. A.I. a.k.a. The Answer. Now we are looking for the answer to one question. Who will pick up this monster of a guard and future hall of famer? Maybe it’s his attitude or his demands or maybe his playing style. Whatever it is I would endure it to make him an addition to my team. In an interview on ESPN A.I. states that he just wants to be happy wherever he goes. He wants to go to a team that wants him to be there and wants him to help them win. Iverson hints in his interview that he has given up the aspirations of being a champion. Which is understandable, I guess reality is starting to set in that he only has about 1-3 more years in the league if that. No matter how long he has in the league he will make a great addition addition to any team he plays with. If he gets picked up. I think A.I. forgot that it’s a recession, maybe he should lower his demands.

Donavon “Dono” Henry


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