How Could You Say Theres No God?


Do you have a religion? Do it include a god? Its amazin how people can deny a God it just say nature by itself can make a little sperm and a little egg form something with legs,arms,a heart, a face,can talk and thats smart. Its really amazin giving the credit to nature. Think about it.

Now anyway it goes with people debating wheather God is white, latino like,asian,or black there is still God. Its scripts in the bible that said our world was going to be what it is now. For instance, it said when the worlds close to ending you want be able to tell the seasons. Now if you didnt notice it did snow early spring. Wow yeh, something real deep isnt it. It also had a script that basically said when the worlds coming close to ending a line of tragedies will happen. Umm let me see, aw yeh hurricane Katrina, almost every country is in some kind of war right now. Anyone else peep these patterns in the everyday killings,which pain and suffering we were promised to us. Why do we dream? Who you think created the people responsible for eventing the things we used for every day life? Who is it that pastors see in dreams to know that they were called upon to serve? Why when people die their organs are still good which mean that they just didnt wake up for a unknown reason? Why. Probably because there is a God. He laid down ten commandments and they are being broken everyday. So if all these things  tragadies are happening like it was called out to be why is it so hard to believe that Jesus was Gods son and he died on the cross for our sins that we do now. The bible called out the way of the world,so why cant people just take a chance and wake up and know  there is a God and get their stuff together. Deep huh?

By MarkwanWiley


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