Is Cta Bus Drivers Jobs Underated?


Have you ever thought about all the things cta bus drivers go through every day while driving those buses. Well if you dont you will come to appreciate  and develope respect for those drivers.

I mean having a father as a cta bus driver and riding the bus alot, it kind of made me pay more attention to the difficulty of driving the cta bus. You have to make sure passengers isn’t using drugs, messing with other passengers, and be cautious of air born sicknesses especially when the bus is packed and passengers have to stand within two feet of the bus driver. All this while driving and trying to stay on schedule. Buses being shot at,teens cursing, and catching attitudes at the bus driver because they dont have the right bus fair. I mean its a mess. Thats why I always keep to myself and not cause any problems that might ruin their day like its usaully ruined. So us teens that ride the bus lets not put those bus drivers through trouble because they all ready deal with enough disrespectful, stanky, crazy people in one day. Straight up!

By Markwan Wiley


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