Korea Threatening America?








Im sure you than heard about the little beef that been going on between the United States and North Korea. North Korea is testing their nuclear weapons without nations permission and putting the lives of americans in danger. I mean we have the deepest army in all the nations and we keep getting challenged. I mean do the United States sound sweet?  I mean to me North Korea is some cowards because they know we in war right now against Iraq and we really dont have the time to get into it with them right now. I wouldnt be stunned if they are working with Iraq. All yeh their general have less than five years to live because of cancer. How interesting that they wait until now to test thier toys. Maybe the genaral is trying to go out with a bang before he die. I dont know, but dont think president Obama is sweet and want make any retaliations. Do not think that!

By Markwan Wiley



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