Lebron Just Became “Lebitch”

Unknown collage kid dunks on King James !


Can we really call him King James any more ? I think after this footage he’ll have to redeem himself. In his very on summer program at James Skill Academy in Ohio one of the participates from Xavier University, Jordan Crawford strikes a two-handed dunk in the “Kings” face. I have a feeling this kid is going to get a lot of publicity and scouts will be coming soon.


Lebron is pissy about the whole situation. Nike and Lebron’s camp reportedly hid all video footage of the moment, but a inside source found a surviving  copy. Lebron reportedly called senior director Lynn Merritt  at Nike mitutes after it happened and all video footage was confiscated.


Check this, they even have a t-shirt ! This ish is way too funny. Thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Lebron Just Became “Lebitch”

  1. Lebron needs to take it like a man. I bet Kobe wouldn’t get dunked on by a unknown college kid or any kid period.

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