Money Before A Show?



Do you sports fans ever feel cheated out of a game. Wheather you waisted your money or your time being a fan and watching these professional athletes not go hard at each other. Have you?Now I know you sports fans heard about the rumor that the team los angelas clippers is attempting to sign 11 time all star Allen Iverson just to sell tickets. I mean come on. Not only is they not thinking of what the team chimistry will be like since iverson isnt a pass first gaurd, but that the clippers should be in the rebuilding process to develope their rookie Blake Griffin and second year pro Eric Gordan who is potientially a lights out scorer. They dont care about the show they give the fans its just to get them in their seats at any cost. Not to see a whole team but a person or two. Thats Bull! Im tired of the losing games on purpose  just to get a high draft pick. Its plain out not right. As fans of the NBA we expect a good competative game every single day. Hey NBA fans how you feel about this?

By Markwan Wiley


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