~Shocking Secret About Rihanna~


The words in the streets is getting juicer about the whole Rihanna and Chris Brown situation. Rumor has it that Rihanna was hiding a “shocking secret” when Chris Brown reportedly gave her the beat down. What’s that secret? That she’s pregnant with his baby. Isn’t that a big shock? With their relationship already on rocky ground, Rihanna feared a pregnancy might have Chris not wanting anything to do with his child; she was scared he would react badly.

       It’s been said that Rihanna never did have the chance to tell Chris about her trip to the doctor. Before she got a chance to say anything, he beat her to a pulp. Do you think Chris knew of this supposed revelation before the alleged confrontation? If this is true, do you think it makes the situation worse? Do you think the pregnancy rumor is true? Could this be the reason for the alleged fight? Could she have lost the baby in the alleged scuffle? Word is Rihanna wanted to keep the baby, but after the fight, she lost her baby without Chris even knowing.

         Some sources are saying Rihanna told Chris that she was pregnant, and others are saying he had no idea. I don’t know what to believe about it, but I don’t see why she would keep something like that from her boyfriend. I think he did know and that’s why the whole situation happened. Chris wasn’t ready to be a father, now I could be wrong.

     Only Rihanna and Chris know what really happened between the whole pregnancy and fight issue. With them being lime light you have no privacy whatsoever and everyone is going to be in all your business. Everyone is going to bend the truth about what’s really going on.



7 thoughts on “~Shocking Secret About Rihanna~

  1. I very sincerely doubt that Chris Brown knew about the baby when he beat Rhianna..he may have made a mistake, but he’s not a monster. But judging by the pics of her face, she just may have lost the baby. But i think the whole him not wanting to be in his child’s life thing is ridiculous. CB is not like that!

  2. oh well she the dumb one. cause if she wanted to keep it. why didn’t she fiqht back? she knew she was preqnant!

  3. im pretty sure she attempted to fight back, she may have lost, but im syre she tried! i mean have you heard some ov her songs?? she’s crazy!

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