Should Jobs Give Past Inmates More Chances?



Now I know you know somebody who was locked up in prison and claim they cant get hired due to their record. I mean in some cases they can’t because the jobs are that worried they might do something that can put their business in jeopardy. But can u blame them? Now I feel like if I was a boss or manager I probably would give out more opportunities just because I feel they served their time. I mean dont get me wrong I would have to let them know up front that they are on a thin line and cant afford a stupid mistake. I feel like the more opportunities that gets handed out and these past inmates do good, word would eventually go around that you can trust inmates in your bussiness. If too many cases get to going around about inmates stealing, late coming to work, or just not busting their but like they want to be there then the situation of not getting a job will remain happening. So all inmates when you get that opportunity, make the best of it because you enventually will help another past inmate trying to do something with their life out. Remember, you only got one shot do not miss your chance and blow this oppurtunity once once in a life time you better……..

By Markwan Wiley


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