Should The Death Penalty Be Used More?


Now everyone im sure have heard of a innocent victim thats been killed being  in the wrong place wrong time. Wheather it was because of a gang shootout, a mad man coming in a college and just start shooting, or hit by wrong identification just sitting on your porch or something. Anyway it goes, I personally believe its time to bring out the death penalty in those situations.

I feel its only right to put those criminals to death if they take the life of an innocent victim. I feel like the detectives can investigate and determine wheather the victim was in any kind of war with the shooter before giving them the death sentence. I feel like they should also let the innocent victim family press the death penalty button to get somewhat justice. Let them watch the killer suffer and die slow for taking the life of their innocent love one. Lol… Im not crazy its just like it isnt right , just to give a killer years in prison where he most likely will take pride in going to jail, he get to eat, and lift weights. To me thats honestly some bull shit. Thats whats so lopsided about the laws in america. Innocent babies being shot in the eye on the bus because a fool shooting and dont know where he’s aiming at. Come on now. Whats right is right and this criminals that dont how to aim a gun or see properly needs to be put out of their misery. For real. Come on people who fill me on that?

By Markwan Wiley


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