Signs Of A Abusive Relationship



Now for all those females out there that think they know their boyfriend , do you really? Do you know if he is the abusive type? Do you really? Well im about to give you some advice of how you can tell, so listen up.

Now ladies I got a list of factors to watch out for starting with:

  • Too much “rough housing” now im not saying playing rough sometimes is bad. It could be fun for both people but ladies if you start to peep it frequently its a chance later own he can be abusive.
  • Saying I “Love You” too early in a relationship. That means he too hooked later own down the line might want to control you too much.
  • Gets “jealous and suspicious” very quick. Which shows you that he has know trust whenever you leave to go somewhere or with friends. Thats the start of it all.
  • Trying to “overide and block out” what you say. This shows that he not trying to hear whats coming out your mouth, he’s in control, and that usaully lead to abusiveness.
  • Nice one minute and throws a explossive temper the next. This shows that he have a mood change towards your relationship especially if you didnt meet him like that.
  • Talks and disrepects your parents in some kind of way. May be a sign that he is also trying to seperate you from your parents so you can be 100 percent his.
  • Uses drugs. You might began to pick up a weird vibe that can also lead to abuse.
  • He doesn’t seem to be afraid of a police threat and still do whatever wrong he is doing.
  • Finally if he uses verbal abuse in front of everyone instead of talking about it private. That shows he doesn’t care about embarrassing you or his self. Very bad sign.

So there you have it ladies, if you pick up too many of those signs run. Lol… Iight.

By Markwan Wiley


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