These Are My Confessions


You’re in 6-month relationship and your boyfriend all of sudden wants to tell you something—-He says “I slept with Monica, but I swear it wasn’t while we were together baby”—–You are sitting there with a confused look on your face like” WTF did you just say to me”. Now ladies you know you heard this before. The man you so-call love just told you he slept with your best friend before you two started talking (Man this sounds like Usher’s Confession song). I mean come on that was too much for me when my last bf told me that he slept with my last best friend. I got so mad that I broke up with him. A relationship is about being honest and trusting one another. Confessions can hurt especially when you are in love, but I’m about to tell you how to deal with a confession like this one. (Don’t be like me and break up with him). First try to get both sides of the story. Next try to see why it took your man so long to tell you a secret like this (that’s why you begin as friends so you two can be open with each other). Then just try to take it all in but don’t ever forget what he did. (One more thing ladies, watch out for that “best friend”)



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