Why Do These Gangs Think Chill Time Is Battle Time?


Do you want to go to certain house parties but you worried about what two hoods is going to meet up, battle it out and ruin the party.Thats really messed up!california_gang_members
House parties to me is a way to make a little change for your B-day by charging to come party. I mean its a good hustle but some people pay just to come and what they say “Send it up”, and not party in peace. Sometimes you might tell yourself why do they always come messing up something with that uncalled for violence. Go find something else to do with their life. I mean thats what I say sometimes. Or that situation at the┬átaste last year. These gangs was planning ahead how they was going to make somebodies good time go bad. I mean seriously, besides the police who have the nerves to shoot a gun at the taste. Who? That just goes to tell you how far these gangs can take it to ruin special events,or house parties. Thats crazy, and thats why you want catch me in no house party unless its family. Lol…Stop it all I love my life.

By Markwan Wiley


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