Has 50 Cent Really Ended Careers?

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50 Cent recently told Lil Wayne in one of his diss tracks that if he keep on talking he’s going to put him on his missing person list. Now we all can agree that Wayne is way better then 50, but you have to look at what 50 cent has did to his enemies. Ja Rule who was one of the top rappers in 2000 has disappeared from the rap game. Another rapper cent was in a feud with was Fat Joe, who just came back but hasn’t made a hit since “Lean Back”. Last but not least, Camron, who was another top rapper has disappeared and started beefs with his own friends. So, can you all agree that 50 has ended careers?

Trenton Arnold


6 thoughts on “Has 50 Cent Really Ended Careers?

  1. gay not gangster!…lol that’s funny. but it is ironic that all those rappers mysteriously fell off after a fued with 50….but LIL Wayne? I very sincerely doubt it!

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