Joe Jackson Wants Custody…hell naww

michael-jackson-kids-15Joe Jackson believes Jacksons kids, Paris, Prince, and blanket can become entertainers. He tells the media, the kids should be active and do something with their lives. He wants to take custody of them. Do you really think he finna get custody? I think not. He abused Michael Jackson his whole life, what makes you think he want do that to them kids? Why do you think he bleached his skin, he didnt want to be like his daddy, he hated him. Why do you think he didnt put his daddy on his will. Come on now, he’s not going to get custody.

By:Leteshia Wiley


2 thoughts on “Joe Jackson Wants Custody…hell naww

  1. Michael had skin disease and from the video i watched with joe jackson binq interview joe said the kids need to live there lives no music biz for them. so who’s lyinq?

  2. Joe Jackson is the reason that Michael resorted to drugs, leading to his untimely death. No judge in their right mind would grant him custody of any one’s kids!

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