Rubio Leaving DKV Jovenut


Rubio has plans to leave DKV Jovenut even if he can’t reach a deal with the Timberwolves. He has been playing overseas since he was 14 years old. He is the youngest player to ever play in a game overseas. Rubio is known for his flashy passes and age, dont forget about his floppy hair. There are many complications with bringing him to the NBA though. First off, he still has two years remaining on his contract with Jovenut. The buyout of this deal is $6.6 million dollars and Rubio only made just short of` $100,00 last year. Minnesota drafted him first round 5th pick so they will have first dibs on him when he decides to make his move into the NBA. Spanish teams Real Madrid and Barcelona are both interested in Rubio if he doesn’t go to the NBA. And unlike the NBA they can pay the buyout money for him since he doesnt want to return to Jovenut. Whatever route Rubio plans to take will fall into place in a few years, he just has to be patient.



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