The Final Destination


Now I know you all heard about the next and suppose to be last final destination movie. Guess what? Its going to be in 3D style. Aw yeh. For you all that never seen final destination 1-3 this is one you do not want to miss.

Final Destination is basically about beginning death accident that happens and some person would see it happening before it actually happens. Then they would find out the order in which death is going to come and kill each person that survived the beginning  death accident. Yeh and this one looks like its going to be a bang. I mean three in 3D as you watch these characters die slowly and up close to you. I mean if this is as good as the previews give it the movie of the year now.  Man I cant wait.

By Markwan Wiley


One thought on “The Final Destination

  1. I was a fan of the original “Final Destination,” which I believe is more purely creepy than the successors. I’ve hung in for the rest of the movies and I plan to see this one, but at some point I think this gimmick has to get old. Plus, the writers are going to have to work very hard to come up with innovative deaths that won’t be confused with “1,000 Ways to Die.”

    M. Carter at the Movies

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