WTF….Why’s Twitter Fun?


Does anyone know the deal with this whole Twitter thing?None of my friends are on it but lately it’s been the source of so much drama among celebrities; from Soulja Boy and Jo Jo Simmons to Solange Knowles battling cyber bullies for her sister. Even politicians are using Twitter to discuss their political issues. From what I’ve heard, it just seems like people are using it to share every detail of every second of their lives….sounds real annoying to me. As if I don’t get enough of that on Facebook….“I’m bored”…. “I’m sad”… “I missed my bus”…who cares? Now there’s a whole website dedicated to being annoying?… thank you!

Since I’m not on Twitter I could be wrong, so if you know of any alternative, less annoying uses for it please let me know.

-Breanna H-


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