10 Ways To Waste Money



Many of us don’t realize how we spend our money today. Did you know that we are charged for every little thing? Most of us don’t care about spending money but now we have to start caring because our economy is bad. Well here is a list of 10 ways to prevent wasting money.

1) Buy on impulse (When you buy before you think like buying shoes you like them so you just get them.)

2) Pay to use a non bank ATM (The surcharges can add up quickly you need to put that money back in your pocket by using ATMs in a surcharge-free)

3) Pay too much in taxes on investments (Not maxing out the Ira or 401k accounts before you invest in a taxable account, you’re spending too much.)

4) Waste electricity (when you are not at home and you got the bathroom light on tell me what reason you have this light on for?)

5) Buy things you don’t use (Man you buy a computer and you just got it to have it and you don’t know how to use it)

6) Pay for unnecessary services (How many cable channels can a person watch you don’t watch over 50 channels a day so you don’t need 500 channels)

7) Pay banking fees (Man paying these thing are to expensive we need to cut back on these)

8) Car washes (you pay 10 dollars for a car wash and you can wash it outside your garage)

9)Pay bills late(Your bills was do 2 days ago and you got to pay it three days from now you will have to pay a late fee.)


10) Ignore special offers and coupons (Why pay $8 for an item when you can just as easily pay $5?)


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