Chuck E. Cheese Please!


This Saturday, with nothing to do and limited funds I gathered a group of about 15 of my friends; we printed coupons off the internet and partied at Chuck E. Cheese….and no, we didn’t bring any of our younger siblings! I know what you’re thinking……what the heck was a group of 16 year olds doing at Chuck E. Cheese? But you can have fun at Chuck E. Cheese at any age, as long as you have proper Chuck E. Cheese etiquette.For instance, when in the play pen, don’t try to go down the slide backwards…you might get stuck and hold up the line…..and trust me…you don’t want to piss off a bunch of 4 year olds who haven’t had a nap.

When those ignorant, “concerned” parents start yelling “We need to call security, these kids are too big to be here,” don’t argue with them because the next thing you know they’re calling people your age and you’re calling people their age and…you know how that ends up!

When your tickets from “Crocodile” start piling up and some little boy swipes them and starts running, don’t not chase after him yelling furiously, because he’ll run to that same “concerned” parent and you’ll start arguing again!

I admit, dealing with angry 4 year olds and their “concerned” parents can be a little dangerous, but if you follow these rules you can avoid all of that and have a great time!

-Breanna H-


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