Crush or Flush

chemistry_card-p137116586993366551tdtq_400Crushes are often built off of teens feeling a physical attraction for someone. Yes, I’m talking about that one cute boy in the hallway, and for the guys that one smart cute girl that sits behind you in class. Crushes can either end in a relationship or getting your feelings hurt (flushed).          

            Going back to the 4th and 5th grade when notes used to be the coolest way to communicate, sending anonymous love letters was the second most popular note after the comic (illustrated) drawings of your teachers.

11       Kids back in the day were scared and shy to approach their crush because you never knew what the reaction would be. Nowadays kids are BOLD and have no shame in approaching anyone about anything (there’s no shame in their game).

As for me, I have only had three crushes and til this day they still don’t know my secret ;]. Although I have moved past the other two I still am attracted to one of them. There is never an age

limit when it comes to having a crush, but I must say if you’re someone’s grandparent or mother just flush it (give it up) it’s not cute (yuck).


                                                                                        By: Tamara D.

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