Derrick Rose Offseason Development



Now we all know former Nba rookie of the year Derrick Rose was well deserving of those honors. He has a combination of speed,strength,and athleticism. A skill combination that comes around every once in a while. But the only weakness or flaw to Derrick Rose’s game is the lack of him not being able to stretch the defense out consistently.

Now of course he shot a respectable 47.5 percent from the field last season, but that’s only because the defense most of the time dared him to shoot. Now the focus of Rose’s game this offseason was to stop floating back as he releases his shot. Chicago Bull’s trainer recognized a pattern in Rose’s misses. “When he misses it’s always off the front of the rim”. During the offseason Rose has been challenged to aim for the back of the rim and stop fading backwards on his shot. Del Negro, Rose’s coach said he has seen a big improvement in Derrick’s medium and long range shot. Man that’s a scary thought. A rookie last year that had peeks of his game that could’nt be stopped. Now with an all around jump shot he has a chance to be the best point guard ever to play in the NBA. Am I lying?

By Markwan Wiley


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