Horror Flick Of The Month





If you’re looking for a horrifying good time, you might want to check out this classic 1985 horror-comedy

The film “The Return of the Living Dead” is a spoof of classic zombie films such as “Night of the Living Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead“.

When new employee Freddy and his co-worker Frank, unleash a deadly chemical known as “Trioxin” by mistake, this begins a zombie outbreak all throughout the city.  The two nitwits call their boss,  Burt who enlists the help of his mortician friend, Ernest.  This makes matters worse for a group of teenage punk rockers who just want to hang out and have some fun. Now their fun time is spent killing off zombies. With Burt leading the team, they all must work together to survive the night with the brain-eating zombies out and about, “ready to party”.

Be on the lookout for the world’s most famous zombie “Tarman” and actor-comedian  Miguel A. Nunez Jr. who is best known for his hilarious role in the 2002 comedy Juwanna Mann as the titular character.  The Return of the Living Deadwas Miguel’s first major role in a motion picture.


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