Of the Medical Field…


The Caduceus, the Western world’s symbol for the medical field was depicted in Greek mythology. It was the Greek god Hermes’ staff, the protector of the dead and of  merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars, and thieves. Why would a respectable industry such as the medical field want this to represent them and their cause?

Could they be merchants of medicine?

Could they be shepherds leading the flock of the dead?

Could they be the gamblers of lives?

Could they be the thieves of health? Similar to a mechanic that fixes one thing, but allows another to decay so you can return?

The Caduceus, which is a staff strangled by two snakes guided by two wings has replaced the Rod of Asclepius. (below)

The Rod of Asclepius represented Asclepius, the practitioner of medicine.

So why does the health industry use the Caduceus?

-Steven C. Hall


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