Saggin’ Pants- A Prison Trend

car saggin          

            This trend of saggin’ pants that we’ve seemed to adopt has grown on hip hop, and now popular, culture like fungus on old broccoli. Guys: simply put, it’s not attractive, cool, or whatever else has been planted in your impressionable minds. And yes, you have been brainwashed into believing that it’s ok because for whatever reason, old people seem to be the only ones willing to express how horrible this trend really is. But I will take it on, take a stand with the old people and speak my truth.

            First of all, though it is now a fashion statement, it was never meant to be one. In prison, males were prohibited from wearing belts and even shoe strings because they could be used as weapons. When guys got out of prison, this prison trend left with them.

            Not only is saggin’ popular like many other bad elements of our culture, (i.e. smoking, over- drinking, teenage pregnancy, etc.) but it almost seems condoned now that time has allowed it to thrive. I see a few mothers and grandmothers every-now-and-then protesting the prison trend with their sons, swelling in undue anger and grief. But even more rarely I see men teaching our boys about this because, in some cases, it’s prevalent among them as well.

            As hip hop culture has grown popular, its music, technology, and fashion trends have influenced other cultures. In other words, races other than black have picked up on what we’ve publicized. And not to put down or judge my people, but it is worse and most customary among us as I see males literally wearing their pants around their knees.

            Personal experience: As my grandmother drove down Halsted Ave. in Chicago, a boy politely asked her to donate to funds for his dance group. My grandmother politely told the boy that she would gladly donate but he needed to pull up his pants. Disgusted not by him necessarily, but by hip hop culture’s influence over him; she drove off. In some southern states, saggin’ is now actually illegal. So for the guys who want to sag so badly, you’ll get a great, one-of-a-kind experience in jail. Trust me.

            Last thing, I bet if more young guys knew the following fact, they would pull their pants up and buy jeans that fit: Homosexuality broke out in prisons like the plague. As men facing 5 years and up to life in prison got lonely, they turned to other men for sexual fulfillment. Saggin’ pants: easy access.      

 rock saggin

   whtby saggin

  boys saggin     




3 thoughts on “Saggin’ Pants- A Prison Trend

  1. Yeh that has become something thats gotten out of control. I mean im a dude and when I sag by mistake at home, it dont feel confortable. So you have a nice point.

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