Ways For Parents To Prepare Their Children For School




First of all parents did your children do as well in school last year as you wanted them to. Well if you dont want them to improve past the school year before then keep on letting them stay out late,or not get on them about chores that hasn’t been done,or even not respecting any given adult. Then I guarantee you will get your same bad grades,sleeping in class, disrepect of teachers, and not getting homework in on time as you did the year before.

First of all parents you have to be in control summer through spring. You set the way things are going to be in the school year for your child beleive it or not. So I decided to be nice enough and give you a list of things you can do during the summer to make sure your child improve in this school year.

  • Make sure their chores is always done on time. This will help them to make sure homework and other assignments are turned in on time during the school year.
  • Make sure your child get into bed at a reasonable time and not occasionally during the summer. This will help them be in better shape going into the school year towards staying awake in class.
  • Make sure that they respect you and when they are angry they talk to you in a fair tone in their voice. This would help them to make a better decision when they are in a tight position with a teacher.
  • Finally give them a essay to write about if they are not doing anything or bored. Then grade it based on how it was written and how good it sounds. Give them a honest grade for it . This will help them to hopefully to increase their grades in school because they didn’t lose  all that school focus.

So there you have it parents, you welcome!

By Markwan Wiley

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