Behind Frienemy Lines!

bean n me

You’ve all heard the phrase “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” But that was back when it was easy to tell who your enemies were. They didn’t like you and they made sure that it was publicly known. But when your “friends” are secretly your enemies it’s a lot harder to tell. So nowadays you have to keep your friends close and your frienemies closer!Never lend them money!

 Never tell them anything that you don’t want anyone else to know.

Don’t expect them not to talk about you behind your back.

And NEVER get them mixed up with your real friends. If you have trouble distinguishing between the two just remember:

When you approach a group of frienemies they always have that “we were just talking about you” look on their faces. Instead of being there for you 24/7, they’re only there 24/5. Frienemies don’t “ride or die” they only ride or get hurt. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, they’ll take any one else’s side but yours. If everyone else is complimenting you, they’re the ones that aren’t

If you have a bunch of frienemies, instead of calling them out and cutting them off, keep them close so you can monitor their behavior. By keeping them in your circle, everything they say behind your back gets back to you immediately and you can always be one step ahead!

-Breanna H-


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