Is Stephon Marbury High?


So, I happened to stumble across this idiot Stephon Marbury who appears to be eating umm….Vaseline?

Is his throat dry or something? He goes off rambling about how he wants someone to write him a billion dollar check so he can get a show and be like Oprah.


And as if he hasn’t embarrassed himself enough he starts crying like a little a$1 kid. Why? Who knows? Maybe because this probably isn’t going to help his career. But what does he care, he’s a “real nigga”, or so he claims. You have to feel a little sorry for him (even though this is pretty much hilarious), because even if he says he isn’t…Marbury is either 1.high or 2. in the middle of a break-down. After the Vaseline came on the camera, a break-down doesn’t seem possible, but crack does. So I’m definitely betting on number 1.



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