Twitter now a day seems to be the new battlefield. Drama Drama Drama!

            Rev. Run’s son JoJo Simmons words were misconstrued and almost led to a little beef between Soulja Boy and himself. Earlier this week, JoJo criticized Soulja Boys lyrical skills on his twitter page “Lyrically Soulja Boy ain’t [too] dope, but musically he’s a genius this [joint] right here kinda catchy,” JoJo said. Soulja boy didn’t take JoJo’s comments likely, although JoJo snuck a compliment in there as well. Soulja Boy Tell’em took his page to respond to JoJo’s comment, “Lyrically I ain’t dope?…’Kinda catchy’ Watch your mouth bruh,”.  Within moments after posting his response the young rapper deleted his comment, but not in time before JoJo got wind of it, “That Soulja Boy post gotta be fake, I ain’t see it then I don’t believe it and it ain’t there.” JoJo commented. Being the bigger man that he is JoJo simply dismiss the fact that Soulja Boy tried to come hard (attack him), “Yo let me set the record straight @souljaboytellem and I did not beef through twitter I didn’t even respond to what he said so it aint a beef.” JoJo tweeked on July 23rd.


                                                                                                            By: Tamara D.


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