Nobody Wants To Talk About Lebron’s Contract Extension


Everyone is quiet about the contract extension for M.V.P Lebron James including Danny Ferry. Ferry was scheduleto meet with Lebron’s agent to talk about his future as a Cavalier. hmmmmmmmm. As of July 18th rumors swirled around that they were offering Lebron a three year extension. But, could that be so is the question. His contract is up June 30, 2010 so he better think fast. James can take the deal or become an unrestricted free-agent. Danny Ferry didn’t want to comment anymore but we’ll find out when Lebron becomes a later. Laugh Out Loud.What’s the odds!  Cleveland did alot this year as far as trading. They traded for  Shaquille O’Neal and signed free agents Anthony Parker and Moon. Whose going to help Lebron carry his team, well we will just have to see. The Cavaliers are in need of versatility, both front and back court.



4 thoughts on “Nobody Wants To Talk About Lebron’s Contract Extension

  1. I think he’ll just play this year out and see weigh his options out next year. I don’t see a good reason for him to sign an extension when there could be a better offer out there.

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