Shaq In The WWE


 Last night as I was flicking through the channels and I witnessed the biggest fight that I had ever scene. Shaq recently said on his Twitter page that he would challenge WWE wrestler The Big Show to a match. When Shaq  challenged The Big Show his answer was no because he doesn”t want the NBA to sue him for disabling the newest Cleveland Cavalier. When he said that he made Shaq so mad  that he choked the giant till other WWE superstars had to stop it. While I”m really going to love this new Shaq show I guess we just have to tune in for more action like that.

Trenton Arnold


8 thoughts on “Shaq In The WWE

  1. we go 2 da same skool, goofy.
    i kno wat u look like do

    u got braids and u about brown-caramel skinned with a lil mustache.

    yea i kno who u is and if u dont get back wit my sista u dont wanna kno who im is.

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