Should Colleges Judge Off The ACT Exam


For all hoping to be college students do you feel like the ACT is holding you back from your dreams. Especially if you have maintained a very high GPA during highschool. I mean I have a couple friends with sky high GPA and the ACT is the only thing keeping them from going to their dream college. I mean do you really think this exam should be counted as strongly against you before your GPA.

The ACT has one object to it. To give you huge sections of difficult problems to solve in a limited amount of time. Its just a plain out speed test. Most people know most of the work on the exams, its just about keeping up with the time and not falling behind. I mean you got 60 minutes to do 60 fairly difficult math problems. Yeh, that mean you have a minute to do every problem. They give you a couple of easy problems, and after them easy problems you have the difficult problems to deal with. The reading gives you two long boring passages, and one thats fairly interesting. The messed up part about that is that everyone I than talk to about the reading portion all said they had at least 20 questions and only 5 minutes remaining on time including myself. You just sit there stunned and feeling cheated. I mean that time factor to me is a monster. So thats why I feel colleges should start looking more closer to GPA before ACT results because if you got a high GPA that shows that you busted your behind in highschool and you’re committed to doing it in college. That test is overrated. Who feel me?

By Markwan Wiley


3 thoughts on “Should Colleges Judge Off The ACT Exam

  1. i hate standardized tests with a passion! Im one of those ppl with the high gpa and kinda lower ACT score. i dont test well under pressure. luckily, most colleges are opting to take these types of situations into consideration these days

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