Your Daily Douche Bag

He Done It Again


Dude is really trying to recover his image. To be honest I’ m still against him because of the whole “whoop down on Rihanna thing”. NOTE TO CHRIS: I higHly doubt that this will help you gain some lost fans back. We all know this is some BS. This picture was taken over the weekend along with these…



I am 100% embarrassed to say what i’m thinking,LMAO. He was at some event doing something “good”. Chris is a fool if he think this will help him gain his undeserved respect again.

*SaniaTiana Erwin

3 thoughts on “Your Daily Douche Bag

  1. You are so correct! I agree completely! Its like you want to forgive him and then go and think about the magnitude of the situation and it’s like hmmmmm…. :-/

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