A Dream Without A Slumber

My life depicts the pain that lives in my veins/

But i’m created to destroy what hurts the people/

So I stand strong even when it snows or rains/

Cause despite what makes my soul tremble with fear I face that very monster/

No one knows my tribulations/

Cause deep inside I’m the generational fire starter/

That rises above the obvious just to tell a story to the children of jesus christ/

Whether I make it  to suceed in heaven or fail in hell I already paid the world’s price/     

The price that shows the ignorance that every person was born with/

I come to take away that foolishness/

Simply because I spit the truth with every ounce of strength I get/

Cause see the people who betrayed me made me the thought legend that stands before you/

My nightmare is the the devils wet dream/

But I eliminate his fanatisies just so the young boy can live true/ 

Cause if I don’t the world will have no knowledge to teach the children of tommorow/

Even though  I’m tired of fighting this battle alone I pray that God looks down and simply say bravo/

And when that happens I’ll finally let the angel of death devour my breath of life/

But until that little girl can live a life that has no fears I’ll spit the facts of life

Not once but twice

By:Chris”The Thought Poet” Brown


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