Embarrassing Moments


I was at the mall with my best friend Destiny and we were having a good time, just got done eating and laughing about people who fall because they weren’t paying attention. Well, we just walked out of this clothing store called “579” (I think) and this cutie walked by. Now look, as Destiny and I were  just talking about how people fall when they’re not paying attention, the same thing happened to me.  I’m glad I didn’t fall on my face! I just tripped a little and, of course, the guy I was looking at saw it.  My BFF started laughing and I got away as fast as I could. We both went back to the food court. Destiny made a funny look, so I started laughing. Then the cutie saw me, came over to our table and told me that was funny and he was sorry that he has that affect on women. I never felt so embarrassed, but at the end of the day he got my number and we started dating and now we are going four months strong.

So have you ever had an embarrassing moment? Tell me about it.

Ashley J.


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