Five Things To Do If They Take A Job Offer Back

depression20man1There are many rights we don’t have when we are in the situation of getting a  job revoked. Most states have employment  policies, which means employees can be terminated at any time, for any reason. Think long and hard before pursuing legal action if a job offer is revoked.It’s important to handle this situation professionally if you find yourself with a rescinded job offer. Here are five steps you can take to protect yourself.

1) Find out why: Ask the potential employer if it was something revealed in a reference check or if it had something to do with the economy

2) Be open and honest: Be open and honest with the employer about your situation. If you are still interested in the job, let them know your finances.

3) Prepare yourself: Do not stop looking for work until your first day at a new job.

4) Do your homework: Ask about the employer’s financial health and find out if the position is approved.

5) Move on: Contact companies who have expressed interest in the past and let them know you are still available.

by James Hutcherson

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