More Michael Madness!?


With the custody battle, “True Hollywood Stories,” and video marathons being played on television everyday, it seems that Michael Jackson’s family is having a hard time letting him go.Just recently Latoya Jackson publicly stated that she believed her brother’s death was a homicide. Soon after, an investigation into his death was opened up in which Dr. Conrad Murray’s house was searched. The police stated that Dr. Murray administered a powerful anesthetic as a sleep aid that may have been the cause of Michael’s death which constitutes as manslaughter. Dr. Murray has fully cooperated in the investigation but hasn’t been named as a suspect.

My question is…why can’t they let the man rest in peace? Michael Jackson had a hard enough time dealing with public scrutiny when he was alive….that’s why he turned to drugs in the first place. He was very unhappy and I believe that he’ll be happier in heaven then he was on earth.  I think the police should stop this ridiculous investigation and the media needs to tone it down with the tributes. It’s time to let him rest!

-Breanna H-


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