Mother Charged for Overweight Child


She had her child taken away and charged criminally for her son being overweight.

This was in numerous papers this week. It is stirring up a lot of debate about how far the law can go when it comes to intervening in the “private domain” of the home, and if it’s her fault.

From South Carolina, 49 year old Jerry Gray, the mother of 14 year old Alexander Draper, has been charged for criminal child neglect. Her son is 555lbs.

The basis of her being charged is that she is endangering her child’s health by letting him get that fat. But there is debate because the line between things being in and out of her control is so thin (no pun intended.)

Is it her fault? Is it genetics? Does she have the resources to ensure a healthy quality of life for not only her child but for herself too? Is she really guilty of a crime?

So I would like to hear your thoughts.



3 thoughts on “Mother Charged for Overweight Child

  1. yea, she cant control everything her child eats.. at this point i dont think its fair to charge her. when he was younger (like under age ten) things were more in her control as far as his diet (or should have been anyway). now, they arent

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