So Hard To Say Goodbye

EVERYBODY HATES CHRISTake a inside look at some our beloved shows that will NOT be returning this fall.


everybody-hates-chris-1Everybody Hates Chris

The show originally started off on the now defunct UPN and in 2006 it moved to The CW. However in May 2009, the show went off the air when series creator and narrator Chris Rock decided to end it. The show was on the air for four years (2005-2009). The series finale featured Chris (Tyler James Williams) dropping out of high school and becoming a stand-up comedian, just like the real Chris Rock did.

ATJcastAccording to Jim

The show ran on ABC from 2001 until now. Actor Jim Belushi (Jingle all the Way, Underdog) starred as a phony version of himself.  The show had been performing bad in the past two years but it managed to live.  In the series finale, Jim dies after choking on a shrimp puff and must stand trial in Heaven, and it’s up to God and The Devil to decide whether he shall die and go to heaven or hell or better yet, stay on earth.


The popular sketch comedy ran on FOX from 1995 until now.  The show had been performing very, very badly since 2005 but it somehow survived. Personally,I’m glad it’s gone because it was nothing but garbage. Some notable cast members include Josh Meyers who is best known as the guy who ruined That ’70s Show during it’s final season as the god-awful Randy Pearson.


The show was one of the first original programs on The CW which began in 2006. Despite the show’s good ratings, the show was cancelled in order for The CW to remove all the sitcoms on their station and make it all drama shows. Which was a bad move. The final episode featured Derwin (Pooch Hall) and Mel (Tia Mowry) finally getting married. Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) and Rick Fox (himself) trying to fix their relationship, as well as Jason (Coby Bell) and Kelly (Brittany Daniel) But will BET help it survive? We’ll just have to wait and see.



2 thoughts on “So Hard To Say Goodbye

  1. Yea i dont care about those other shows, I only care about the game. i freakin love that show and Im really hoping that BET picks it up. The givin shows to ugly ppl like TINY, y cant they pick up the game?!?!

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