Sweet Watermelon Eatin’

Watermelon WhiteHouse

I enjoy being a black male.

This summer I have encountered many of watermelons and the discussion of such a juicy fruit.

For many years black men have been criticized and ostracized from society, because of eating the succulent treat.watermelonA

Since the dawn of the Negro male “lost in the wilderness of bitterness” (America), from James Brown ‘Man’s World’, have we eaten watermelon. Mandingo, the black male stud, the myths, the all-talk about man part of our civil rights leaders, the bed lashings of the Harlem renaissance, our fast running, high jumping, tight pants with bell bottoms showing the bulge, luxurious ‘fros, ebony Teflon skin, and bright white teeth can all be attributed to watermelon eating. Watermelon is the sphere which harvests our great powers. Seeing us eat it gracefully and tastefully with juice gushing from the yonders of the Bronze Heavens- is kryptonite to all other cultures that watch, blinding them for eternities from generation to generation. We are the Watermelon GODS.

Recently, scientists discovered watermelons have certain active ingredients, which are similar to the effects of Viagra. This ingredient is called citrulline.

Peace …Piece of Watermel()n that is.

-Steven C. Hall


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