Teacher Gives Sex Tape to 5th Graders


A local teacher at Elk Grove School District in California accidentally sent her 5th grade students home with her own home made sex tape. 

What was meant to be a yearbook type of DVD with the past years school memories, accidentally had a scene mixed within of the teachers own personal sex video. Nobody caught the error until it was sent home, shocking both parents and students.

One parent described the video and how it caught him off guard “The DVD starts with a menu screen that displays various school trips and functions, and when you click on one of them, you see kids in a classroom sharing stories. They start clapping and then the video suddenly cuts to sex.

It goes from my son, straight to her on the couch,” said ‘Joe,’ who saw the video along with his son and did not wish to be identified. “My son’s reaction was, ‘Dad is that Ms. Defanti?'” The person in the video was easily identified as their very own and beloved teacher Crystal Defanti.

She has been apologizing and more so embarrassed ever since the incident. Everyone believes it obviously was not intentional and some parents even came to her defense acknowledging how good of a teacher she is. They are currently investigating the matter, but legal experts doubt charges will be made.

One parent was really upset for another matter actually, he said
‘I was up till midnight doing the ‘birds and the bees talk’



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