The Absence Of Color


All White Runways


  It is no secret that the fashion world goes by its own rules. Last year it was highly publicized that the fashion world had one specific type. If you were not pale white with blond stringy hair you were not walking on any high end fashion runways. This year the following models changed a lot and set pathways for incoming models.


Chanel Iman is signed to ford models. She only models for high fashion top designers like Marc Jacobs, Valentino and Vera Wang only to name a few. Name any top designer of the 2000s and it is guaranteed that she walked their runway.


















Sessilee Lopez is s full time fashion model and video model. She appeared in Kanye West’s video,but don’t get confused she is not a “video vixen”.


















Any model wish they could have half the success Alek Wek has. She also pinned a book on her life story.



















Jaunal McKenzie was born is Jamaica and is now one of the top models of the world.


Jourdan Dunn is my second favorite black model of the new generation. She is reportedly pregnant.



















Arlenis Sosa ! I can not express how much I love this chick. She is from the Dominic Republic and she is hands down my favorite model.


*S.T. Erwin


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