What You Dont Know About STD’s

stdDo you really know the facts about STD’s. Did you know there were three diffrent types of STD’s. Bacterial,parasitic, and viral. But the question is which ones are healable?

Parasitic STD’s are STD’s that can be healed just because you can see it and it crawls every where. This STD can be gone fully in days. Example of a parasitic STD is pubic lice. It crawls around the pubic hair area and during sexual contact it can be transformed from one person to another. Bacterial STD’s can also be healed but will take a little longer than a parasitic STD to go away. Bacterial can come from air born diseases and during sexual contact can also spread. Example of this STD is gonorrhea and can prevent pregnancy if not taken care of quickly.  To heal this STD you would have to get some kind of anti-biotics treatment. Finally vital STD’s are viruses, which can not be healed. All medicines can do for the person infected with this STD is help with the symptoms. Example of this STD is Aids/Hiv which destroys the immune system. So there you go, you learned about the diffrent types of STD’s and which one you have to worry about the most.

By Markwan Wiley


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