From Hard To Soft

Picnik collage

In the rap industry today it seems like everybody raps about their guns or how many women they have. Back in the day it wasn’t like that. We had what was called fun rap, people like Run DMC, Curtis Blow and Big Daddy Kane rapped mostly about money and things that didn’t have anything to do with a gun. But now the industry is full of drug addicts, groupies and fake drug dealers.  People like Young Buck, Suge Knight, and Rick Ross already have been exposed for not being what they rap about.

Years ago when Young Buck was signed to G-Unit records he was robbed by a childhood friend twice; not to mention the audio talking to 50 Cent crying. Rick Ross is another rapper who got exposed for being a corrections office. Suge Knight in my opinion is the biggest to be exposed. Suge has brought nothing but trouble and low album sales since coming out in the early 90s. Now Suge is being “knocked out” every other week. If you’re not hard please don’t end up like these people.

Trenton Arnold


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