Practice Makes Perfect


Terrelle Pryor, the 6 foot 6 fenom, the most sought after player in the 2008 draft class. He went to Ohio State with the intentions of working toward the starting spot. He came into Ohio State as the top prospect so one would think he was arrogant right? Nope not Terrelle, he worked harder than he had to despite his prestige. He had a lot  of growing up to do so he did his growing up on the football  field.

He came in as a back up for Todd Boeckman running the spread option package. Then Jim Tressell (Ohio’s head coach) thought that with Terrelle in at quarter back it could make Ohio State known for more than the traditional drop back and pass offense. So he started playing the ture freshman more and more. By the fourth game Pryor had taken over the starting job. The NCAA watched him grow as a player in front of their eyes. He went from scrambling all the time to drop back and pass and scrambling when he has to. Then he put the team on his shoulders and led them to the Fiesta Bowl against the Texas Longhorns.

Pryor didn’t stop there he worked efficiently throughout the off-season to improvehis skills. He studied plays, watched more tape, and did more to have more time with his receivers. He goes outside and throws routes to them. His teamates and coaches are seeing the difference in his game. His accuracy, precision, and passing distance has increased. But we we will see how much of an improvement he has made September 5th. It’s one thing to do good in 7-on-7’s but it’s way different when 300 pound lineman are flying around you tryin to tear you off.

Donavon “Dono” Henry


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