Top Three Guys To AVOID


Here are the top three guys you need to avoid ladies!

The Jock A.K.A “THE PLAYER”: He might seem really cute and sweet but watch it ladies he is the one you need to get away from. He is the type that will tell you everything you want to hear and he usually says the same thing to the other girls he is dating too. player

The Quiet Type A.K.A “The Shy Guy”: Ladies if you don’t have all the patience in the world then I have to say stay far away from this guy too. He is type that will have you doing everything and you still will get nowhere in your relationship. I’m sorry ladies but I need someone I can talk to and who can take charge. If you stay in the relationship too long then he will have pulling your hair out soon. Runnnnnn! shy

The Gangster A.K.A “The Bad Boy”: Ok ladies I have to say we all have dated these types before. I have dated at least two bad boy types. From their swagg to their rebellious ways, they might not be the best boyfriends but they can take you on a trip that you will never forget, and trust me we love the excitement they bring. But he’s not the type you can change. Ashley J.



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