Is a Fling Worth a Friendship?

During our teenager years, friendships and flings will come and go. This is natural because we are in the stage in our lives when we are too young to fully understand who we want in a friend or a lover.

But despite our inexperience, this reality can force us into difficult situations when a potential fling happened to have dated a friend. How is someone to know whether to disregard the friend to pursue what could be, or to dismiss the potential to preserve a friendship that might not last the test of time?

Ebony Washington is among the group of people who believe it is okay to pursue the potential fling. “I think it is okay to date your friend’s ex,” Ebony argues “because if someone no longer has feelings for their ex, then they shouldn’t interfere in their future relationships. If you are a true friend, let your friend have some fun.”

Marcus Gray has a slightly different opinion on the situation. “It’s not right to even think about the ex of your friend, but then again it all depends on who that person is, how long we have been friends, and how long the two of them have been dating.”

Danielle Williams, on the other hand, is among the group of people who believe it is dead wrong to pursue a friend’s ex. “It is not alright to date your friend’s ex. Why? Because I know from personal experience how your friend will feel. This has happened to me multiple times. I felt so used! I feel that if a person who you consider a friend stoops that low, your friendship wasn’t real in the first place. They were just using the word friend to get to who you really wanted to be with.”

After listening to several opinions on the subject, one thing I realized is that dating a friend’s ex seems to be a topic everybody has an opinion on. I personally believe that you should follow your heart and make the decision that will be easiest to live with. But DO realize that your choices, unfortunately, come with consequences, which means you shouldn’t betray anyone you are not prepared to lose in your life.


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