5 Reasons Not To Say "I Love You"

      Nowadays it’s as if everyone ranging from 13 to 21 is in a rush to say the three most important words anyone can say in a relationship. The phrase “I Love You” is responsible for many of us being born as well as many marriages thriving throughout the years. As great as it may seem, I’ve come across five reasons why not to say “I love you”:
  • Most people tend to confuse love with infatuation. Great passion and attraction can be very blinding to the naked eye.
  • Some of us just can’t handle the responsibilities that come along with saying “I love you” at such young and immature ages.
  • Love is never painless. If you want to avoid being on an emotional rollercoaster, steer clear of those three words.
  • Saying that you love someone too soon may put pressure on them and drive the relationship into Doom City.
  • Really, do you even know what love is?
The greatest love can conquer all when one is willing to give up all for the other. It can’t be mistaken and a lover’s affection is greater than any other natural feeling. With friendship, communication, understanding, trust and passion there is love.
Jameliah S.

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