Drake Swagg Owes Kanye Swagg Everything

Look I’m happy for him. Heck I was happy for him when he was rolling around in a wheelchair with a fro that was to big for his face. I was happy for him when he made one of the greatest hip hop mixtapes I’ve ever heard The Comeback Season, and I’m happy for him now that his barley B+ album is one of the best this year (the disclaimer to show I am not hatin). But Fans stop it!! I hung out with some die hard backpack rappers who took time out of their weed smoking, skate boarding, no hair cut getting schedule to praise Drake’s accomplishments and dis Kanye for his 808’s and Heartbreak album……again. NEWS FLASH Drake owes his entire career to that album. It blows me how so many people love So Far Gone (the coined mixtape that sounded like an album) but hate 808’s.

If it were not for Kanye changing the game and taking the chance on 808’s So Far Gone would be nothing. Check the flow styles on both, the beats on both, the dang name are even melancholy on both. That darn mixtape got Drake signed but 808’s is rumored to end Kanye’s touch with the backpack rapper. Screw You!!! Read the signs the most popular song on So Far Gone is Say What’s Real; a song PROUDUCED by Kanyev West and is used on the 808’s album lol. (Pardon me I had to laugh at that).Kanye had to get off the boat so Drake could walk on water. (Jay Z).

And since I’m here I got a few things to say: Get off Kanye Nuts!!! Be honest did Taylor Swift deserve best female video, NO!! That same old Romeo and Juliet crap that ever body and their momma has done, sorry not even VMA worthy. Kanye just said what all of us were thinking, now if I was him I would have waited to the end of the show to talk crap, you know…..like after Beyonce got video of the YEAR, maybe he wouldn’t have said it quite like that if he’d known .I blame MTV for having a sucky format. Also Good A**Job is a Good A** Title If Nas can name his album Nigga ,Slayer can name theres God Hates Us All ,heck Drake’s Thank me later is a bit over the top. Label reps please let the man be him. Oh and Amber Rose is a man. Good Night America



4 thoughts on “Drake Swagg Owes Kanye Swagg Everything

  1. Compelling argument but consider that Kanye did his album while in a dark place, Drake did his stuff right from ambition. We know Kanye as a big mouth and we accept that. What does Amber Rose have to do with anything?~Jameliah S.

  2. hola! I do think that if it werent for KW's 808s then maybe D wouldnt have taken the chance that he did…BUT Drake just did what you're supposed to do: when you're gonna emulate someone you need to do it bigger and better and he DID.

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