Green Day’s Message’s Behind Their Awesome Rock!

Green Day has come very far and has swept the rock nation with their  music.
Based off their recent album “21st Century Breakdown” the band’s main goal is to point out that the world is having a “nervous break down” because society is listening to the media and claiming that they’re religious. They’re trying to point out that religion and media are like oil and water – They Don’t Mix.
All of their titles also foreshadow their point of views. Green Day isn’t your ordinary, average, everyday rock band. They show that rock bands don’t always have to talk about death and suicide. Me, I am a HUGE! fan of Green Day because of their style and taste in music, hype performances and exciting stage presence. Not to mention that I have a crush on the lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong and bass guitarist Mike Durnt. You can get a snippet of what I mean and read their full history at 

Amani Stewart

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